About Us

We pioneered webcasting in the public sector over a decade ago. At that time the concept of opening up the council chamber to public viewership was met with significant concern, and we began working with some forward-thinking clients who wanted to challenge the status quo and experiment with how technology could help the ways in which they interact with the public.

Times have changed. Today, openness and transparency in public matters are fundamental expectations – and the way people interact with each other has radically evolved. Social media has become central not only to the way we communicate or share ideas, as a broadcast channel, but more importantly to the way in which we interact, collaborate and network – it’s conversational.

As Europe’s leading provider of strategies and technologies that support democratic engagement, Public-i continues to be at the centre of a network of thought leaders and technology experts who are breaking new ground to navigate that change. As the potential for webcasting continues to develop, we’re also helping our ever-growing network of pioneering clients to pilot new and innovative ways to engage with more people on the social web, and incorporate online models of interaction into their offline processes.  We’re doing this with the support of a new generation of webcasting products and our groundbreaking Citizenscape technology that is specifically designed to help shape the changing ways that people engage. We provide a unique balance of technology skills and research thinking which means that we can provide technology that works for people.

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