About this blog

You can’t really talk about something with any degree of confidence without actually doing it yourself – and you can’t expect people to believe you until they see that this is true. At Public-i we spend our time thinking about how we can help Government at a Local level to get the best out of new technologies and this means we have to embrace using them ourselves.  We also think its important to try and set the same standards of openness and transparency for our own thinking that we are trying to support our clients to achieve.

Its not exactly a chore – blogging can help you clarify your thinking and try ideas out on other people. It can document your learning and reflections so that you can be building a bigger story over time – and most importantly it can help connect you to a whole blogosphere of really interesting people.

So – this blog is to help make us part of the conversation. Its here so that our colleagues and clients can see how we think – and perhaps comment in order to help us think better.

It’s currently a Public beta while work on how we are going to be using it – if you think we could use it more effectively or have a topic you think we should be talking about then please tell us.