Open policy making in the real world

In this series of blogs, Siobhan Farrell has been discussing the state of open policy in 2015. So far we have looked at what open policy making is and what its success criteria are. This time, we take a quick look at three examples of successful open policy. The obvious place to start is with a ...


Open policy making: what is it, and why does it matter anyway?

In a new series of blogs, Siobhan Farrell will be discussing the state of open policy in 2015. Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing what impacts it can have, what the criteria for good open policy are and who is doing it well. This blog goes back to basics by looking at what ...


What are people saying about devolution in Birmingham?

In October Birmingham City Council held its Highbury 4 Democracy event on devolution After the Scottish referendum and the promise to grant greater powers to the Parliament in Edinburgh, Birmingham - along with other cities in England - is exploring how best to devolve power to city level from Whitehall and to bring greater power to district and neighbourhood ...