Digital Democracy

Catherine at Councillor Camp: webcasting and the digital future of councillors

Over the weekend Catherine spoke at the FutureGov-organised Councillor Camp that brought together people interested in the future of elected local-authority members. Catherine wore several hats at the event, including chief executive of the largest provider of webcasting to local government and expert on how local government should be engaging in digital spaces. These two are ...


The year that was 2012 – our little review

So... here we are... just a few short days from Christmas. The halls are decked with bows of holly (fake holly, mind) and the seasonal spirit in the office is as thick as the snow we still hope will fall on the 25th. As the office scrooge (I can't stand Crimbo, but I do like ...


Kind words on digital democracy

I thought I should offer a quick update to last week's post about the Digital Democracy guide for police and crime commissioners. Commissioned by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (and written by Catherine), it makes the case for how and why PCCs should be using digital means to develop a meaningful, productive relationship ...