Kind words on digital democracy

I thought I should offer a quick update to last week's post about the Digital Democracy guide for police and crime commissioners. Commissioned by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (and written by Catherine), it makes the case for how and why PCCs should be using digital means to develop a meaningful, productive relationship ...


Things you need to know about the police and crime panels

While there's plenty of debate about Police and Crime Commissioners, the bodies that will scrutinise their performance, Police and Crime Panels, haven't exactly exicted much interest. In an admittedly vain attempt to address this inbalance, we thought we'd look at the Police and Crime Panels to find out a bit more about them... The Police and ...


The Lancashire Hotpots and police and crime commissioners

A few posts ago we wrote about the pop video brought out in Lancashire to remind people about the elections for Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Naomi Walker, head of community engagement at Lancashire Police Authority, where the video was dreamed up as parf of the ...