Russell Webster

Kind words on digital democracy

I thought I should offer a quick update to last week's post about the Digital Democracy guide for police and crime commissioners. Commissioned by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (and written by Catherine), it makes the case for how and why PCCs should be using digital means to develop a meaningful, productive relationship ...


Updating the Police and Crime Commissioner map

After a bit of a hiatus we've just updated the Police Crime Commissioner candiates map we created a while ago - with thanks to my colleague Andy Baker - by using information provided by the Police Foundation here. Thanks to them, too! Andy's keeping up to date with everything that's going in the PCC debate at ...


Public-interesting: September update

Just more links about things that we think are interesting. This was held over for a week due to extra work so sorry for the delay! Local TV Early last month, Jeremy Hunt announced where licenses for local TV would be available in the UK. This has sparked a lively debate about its whys and wherefores that ...