Social Media Audits

What the PCCs can mean for engagement

At Public-i we've started talking to a number of police authorities, the agencies that will be replaced by the offices of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) when they are elected on the 15th of November this year (2012). The PCCs will take over responsibility for overseeing 41 police forces on the 16th of November, signalling a ...


Police and crime commissioners: crib sheet

This post is just to an accompaniment to my piece about police and crime commissioners. It rounds up information I've collected on the new body that I hope others will find useful… Police and crime commissioners will take over responsibility for overseeing police forces from police authorities, following their election on the 15th of November this ...


Telling you about our Social Media Audits

Over the last year at Public-i, we've worked hard to develop a new product, the Social Media Audit - which we're now ready to start talking about a bit more on the blog. That'll take the form of a few case studies - and we'll share them as they arrive. But for the moment I ...