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Community building on Facebook: The Worthing Page

I wrote a post last year about The Worthing Page, a Facebook fan page with a difference. Serving the seaside town not far from Brighton, it was a departure from the average fan page for a place: it was focused - with interesting discussions about Worthing, its businesses and people - and it clearly aimed to ...


Public-i user group: A quick review #piug12

We had a brilliant, enjoyable user group yesterday at the Hallam conference centre in London. Quite a bit happened, so I'm not going to try to cover everything - there'll be a chance to do that with some reflective blogging in the coming few days (and weeks). But, before we get distracted, I thought I'd run ...


Telling you about our Social Media Audits

Over the last year at Public-i, we've worked hard to develop a new product, the Social Media Audit - which we're now ready to start talking about a bit more on the blog. That'll take the form of a few case studies - and we'll share them as they arrive. But for the moment I ...