Telling you about our Social Media Audits

Over the last year at Public-i, we've worked hard to develop a new product, the Social Media Audit - which we're now ready to start talking about a bit more on the blog. That'll take the form of a few case studies - and we'll share them as they arrive. But for the moment I ...


How bloggers and police countered riot rumours in Wolverhampton

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote about the riots a few days ago - where I tried to highlight some of the good things to come from the use of social media at the time. One of the examples I cited was Superintendent Mark Payne's tweeting to counter the wildly inaccurate rumours about ...


Using the social web well in times of social unrest

On the Friday before the riots started, I was trying to write a response to Dan Slee's excellent post about how vital really good social-media communication is in an emergency. I was hoping to add a few of my own thoughts but, having got three quarters through, I stopped writing my masterpiece, thinking I’d return to it ...