• Ask more of your communities

  • Open Network model

    Public-i is collaborating with our friends at the Democratic Society and OCSI to bring local government an open and networked approach to engagement.

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  • The future of public services lies in creating a better relationship between citizen and state

  • People are talking…but are they talking to you?

  • Social Media Research

    Social Media Research is your first step on the journey towards working effectively with your digital community.

    By realising the opportunities for engagement that exist on the web, you can start harnessing its phenomenal power.


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  • Develop the way you use digital channels and social media

  • Strategic research

    We work with clients on specific aspects of strategic review, with bespoke focus on the areas and policies of most importance to them.

    We are currently providing strategic advice and research around the new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) roles, working with Forces, the APCC and others to develop some of the guidance that we think PCCs will need when they take up office.

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  • Make the most of your internal resources

Innovative Thinking

We are both a technology company and a group of social researchers – a fairly unusual combination.  Our research work usually falls into two different areas.  We often take part in more technical projects, for example I2Web which is looking at how we build accessibility tools into the development process or the Open Data Widget project we are working on that is looking at how we can connect relevant data with local conversations.  We also do more social / cultural projects which look at how technology and the way we use it might change internal and external relationships.  The clients who work with us on these projects tend to want to take their use of social media or their relationship with the public further.  They are not looking for ‘consultants’ to come in and tell them what to do but they are looking for experts that can help develop their thinking and practice.  We work with them as research and development partners and this is why we work on a fixed price basis and expect to make results publicly available while remaining discrete.

Rapid changes in technology, a shifting statutory environment and unprecedented financial pressures demand that governments and citizens find ways of solving problems together. With our experience helping clients use the web to improve the interactions that matter to them, we understand how social technology can be used to engage communities and develop these new relationships.  Our approach with any work is first to understand as much as we can about the particular context for a client – both internally and externally – and use a variety of research methods to do this.  We then use an action research approach to move forward ideas as discrete projects.  We want to help develop a big vision for innovation and change but we also want to create achievable progress.  We expect technology to have a role in that big vision but we also know that internal and external behaviour and culture change is at least as important.


Social Media Research

When it comes to connecting with citizens online, the most effective councils are those that are the best listeners. Understanding how to listen in to the online conversations that your citizens are already having can help you find out what is really happening in your communities.  The quickest and most effective way to do this ...


Organisational Research

While a Social Media Audit helps you to understand the opportunities the social web provides, an organisational review ensures you can capitalise on those opportunities.  We review policies, practices, resources and skills - creating a comprehensive assessment of how you can transform the relationships that matter to you.  This allows you to review your strategies ...


Open Network Model

The future of public services lies in creating a better relationship between citizen and state. By ‘better’ we mean more democratic, collaborative, flexible and co-productive. At the heart of this lies deep community involvement – and that is why we’ve developed a reliable model for creating that involvement in an efficient, responsive and sustainable way. ...


Funded Research Projects

Public-i regularly work on new bids for  EU and other UK funded projects.  We use our project work to explore new ideas and work with new partners, as well as using the project process to provide vigorous external evaluation of our work.  We actively seek out collaborative projects that we believe will benefit our products ...


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