Funded Research Projects

Public-i regularly work on new bids for  EU and other UK funded projects.  We use our project work to explore new ideas and work with new partners, as well as using the project process to provide vigorous external evaluation of our work.  We actively seek out collaborative projects that we believe will benefit our products and customers.  Often these projects are part-funded through public money or sponsorships.  In collaborative projects, we aim to provide significant input through our technical expertise and extensive customer knowledge.  While we usually work as the technical partner on a project, we also have in-depth experience of evaluation and the running of pilot trials.

Case Studies

  • Technology Strategy Board

    Public-i are participating in a TSB-funded project with The Democratic Society, OCSI and to deliver the next generation of local information. The major aims of the project are:

    1. To connect good, relevant data into local and hyperlocal media
    2. To inform and improve public discussion
    3. To highlight issues of interest in order to inform priority-setting in local public services.

    The project builds on existing technologies developed by OCSI and Public-i in order to provide access to location- and context-based published data sets. By utilising Citizenscape’s ability to create a ‘network of networks’ of local conversations, tied in with OCSI’s extensive data mine of published data and statistics, viewers are presented with links to published data sources, graphs and trend information. The system will also include the ability for the viewer to rate particular data sets up or down in relevance, enabling the system to ‘learn’ from collaborated feedback about the true relevance of particular data sets to the topics being discussed on the Citizenscape page.

    It is also anticipated that a viewer will be able to ask particular questions that will be interpreted through a semantic layer, further enhancing the data sets returned in a particular context.

  • i2Web

    The i2web (‘Inclusive Future-Internet Web Services’) [] project is a European project, the aim of which is to develop tools for creating and transforming websites to meet the needs of an ever-aging population, and those with disabilities. The project has worked with target audiences to evaluate methods of website navigation & usage of assistive technology in order to create a set of user interface (UI) adaptations that can be applied to a website in order to make their browsing experience more effective. The 3 technology partners (of which Public-i are one) are implementing these adaptations into their products, and pre- and post- evaluations of the applications with the target groups are providing information as to the effectiveness of these adaptations.

    Alongside this work on UI adaptation, a development tool has been created that allows developers to better integrate accessibility into the development process, providing support in a language that the developers understand. The aim here is to promote a process of ‘continuous accessibility’ in order to raise the priority and importance of web accessibility.

    We are implementing these adaptations in our Connect product; the project is due to end in April 2013 and we anticipate that the tools and practices will continue to be used thereafter.

  • SSEDIC (Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community)

    The objective of this network is to provide a platform for all the stakeholders of eID (electronic identity) to work together and collaborate to prepare the agenda for a proposed Single European Digital Identity Community as envisaged by the Digital Agenda (DAE) in its Key Action 16.  SSEDIC is a thematic network coordinated by NESTOR Tor Vergata University of Rome with 35 European Partners.

    Public-i are involved in the project in order to explore some of the democratic consequences of digital identity changes.

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