Open Network Model

Invest in trust now to build democratic infrastructure for the future

  • Open by default

  • Networked

  • Democratic

  • Digitally native

  • Agile

The future of public services lies in creating a better relationship between citizen and state. By ‘better’ we mean more democratic, collaborative, flexible and co-productive. At the heart of this lies deep community involvement – and that is why we’ve developed a reliable model for creating that involvement in an efficient, responsive and sustainable way. This highly effective model leaves you with reusable assets: a platform and a network of ‘willing localists’.

The return from investing in these networks is reduced costs and greater representation in community engagement and, more importantly, strengthening communities’ ability to help themselves. We don’t just talk about networks, we work in them. We strongly believe in the power of pooling the right expertise, to create teams which are even greater than the sum of their parts.

Case Studies

  • Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

    In the APCC guide, Public-i Chief Executive Catherine Howe explains how elected politicians can use new technology to transform their relationship with the public.  Setting out the ‘Open Network’ approach, which emphasises using social media and digital to develop networked power, the Guide offers PCCs three separate models of engagement, scaled to match different levels of ambition, from ‘communicative’ to ‘co-productive’. The Guide – along with the work we are doing for the Networked Councillor project – emphasises that democratic organisations in future need to be ‘networked’, ‘open’, ‘digital by design’ and ‘Agile’.

    Case study image for Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • We live here

    The We Live Here project is a Creative Councils project, funded by the National Lottery. Brighton and Hove City Council, working with the Democratic Society, Public i and the CVSF have come together to start We Live Here. But it is a community project – the people of Brunswick and Regency, Hangleton and the Knoll and the BME community make it what they want it to be.

    Case study image for We live here

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