Social Media Research

People are talking, but are they talking to you?

  • Find and introduce you to your online conversations

  • Give you the language and understanding you need to take part in these conversations

  • Enable better communication and more co-productive relationships

  • Reach beyond the ‘usual suspects’ of civic engagement and cast the participation net much wider

When it comes to connecting with citizens online, the most effective councils are those that are the best listeners. Understanding how to listen in to the online conversations that your citizens are already having can help you find out what is really happening in your communities.  The quickest and most effective way to do this is through Social Media Research.

Case Studies

  • Leicestershire Police

    Leicestershire Police are at the forefront of the use of social media in Policing.  The team at Public-i have been working with Leicestershire Police since 2011 in order to take this work forward and help create greater operational benefits to the way in which social media is used.  This has so far included a review of internal practice as well as an external audit of social media use in the community.  Because of the expertise at Leicestershire Police we have been able to facilitate an action learning programme which has explored issues such as how to transition social media accounts between officers, how to manage online identities and how to enhance neighborhood policing by using online and offline network analysis techniques.

    Case study image for Leicestershire Police
  • Social Media Audit for East Sussex County Council and Sussex Police

    Conducting a joint Social Media Audit for both the County Council and the Police Force, this project sought to introduce both clients to a range of online communities that were ready to engage with them. The SMA provided a detailed breakdown of online voices and networks based on a range of topics pertinent to the clients, as well as practical advice and support on how to engage with them. The audit has become a cornerstone for the development of engagement strategies and work for both the Force and the Authority.

    Case study image for Social Media Audit for East Sussex County Council and Sussex Police
  • Social Media Audit for the CRIF

    The Cambridgeshire Renewable Infrastructure Framework needed to engage people across the county in creating a plan for the development of renewable energy infrastructure.
    Public-i used its Social Media Audit to identify the groups and individuals in the county that were already interested in this issue and talking on the web. This enabled the CRIF to quickly contact and involve these groups in its work, ensuring its engagement was wider and more representative.

    Case study image for Social Media Audit for the CRIF

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