Our Products

We create open source technologies and use an Agile development process to help us work iteratively and quickly.  At the heart of what we do is our commitment to customer service and support – our team is there to make sure that you get the most out of your technology investment.  We work closely with our clients, using our regular user groups to steer the direction and help develop our products.  By combining this with an active research agenda we are able to confidently say we meet and surpass our client’s needs – sometimes before they know they have them.

We’ve been designing, developing and delivering Connect since 2000 – and it is the webcasting product we’ve built our reputation on. During that time, we’ve worked just as hard on ensuring that we can provide our clients with the highest possible standards of support and customer service – with our customer delivery team on hand to ensure all our client’s webcasts run smoothly.


Working with a beta-group of clients who wanted to go beyond simply broadcasting meetings and events, our brand new product, Connect Social, allows your webcasts to become part of an online conversation. It offers the same full service as Connect, but enables users to interact with your webcasts in the same way they take part in other conversations online.

Connect Social

We see Citizenscape as a new way to work with your users, citizens or stakeholders – harnessing the power of the social web. In the world of the social web, where everyone has the means to publish themselves, the days when you could build a website and expect people to visit and to use it are gone.


ePetitions are an elegantly simple, affordable tool to give citizens a direct say in what governments discuss – and an effective way to increase democratic participation and engagement. By making the agenda setting process more collaborative ePetitions use a traditional and trusted mechanism to develop new ways of working.