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State of the art democratic and community engagement technology
built for the public sector

Connect with your community

Instead of trying to convince people to visit your website or take part in a consultation - why not go to them? Citizenscape takes you where you need to be - to the locations your communities prefer, and to the conversations they are already having.


Genuine conversations,
genuine insight

Citizenscape enables you to reach out and connect to the online activity and conversations that people are already engaged in.
These genuine conversations - and genuine insights - can then be connected to the decision-making process in a transparent, co-productive and organised way.

How does it work?

Citizenscape collects threads from relevant news feeds, blogs and social media profiles.
These are then gathered together under one roof - connecting conversations between individuals, local communities and the public sector - leading to powerful outcomes.

Is this analysis or engagement?

Whilst viewing and understanding local conversations provides valuable knowledge and insight, Citizenscape offers even more. By working in partnership with community groups in the design, build and ongoing delivery, Citizenscape becomes a shared asset. The overall process is one of engagement and co-production, adding value to all.
Citizenscape also enables people to add topic-based pages to the platform, which can then be used for specific discussions and engagement programmes. This adds further flexibility and a unique opportunity to create an engaging and collaborative space.

Contact us about Citizenscape

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