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Bring together a conversation that’s already happening on the social web – around an issue or a place.


Join up and create a shared civic conversation so that you can make sense of it.


Gather statistics and metrics from the network of networks to understand your social-web community.


Speak to your citizens in the places that they already visit.


We see Citizenscape as a new way to work with your users, citizens or stakeholders – harnessing the power of the social web. In the world of the social web, where everyone has the means to publish themselves, the days when you could build a website and expect people to visit and to use it are gone. Instead, Citizenscape is a dynamic online engagement platform that enables you to connect with your citizens, stakeholders and partners in a way that supports the work you are already doing together and is in keeping with the way they are already communicating. With Citizenscape you can build shared civic spaces and networks that support, encourage and enable the people you want to connect with to find new ways of collaborating and co-creating.

Case Studies

  • CRIF

    The Cambridgeshire Renewables Infrastructure Framework (CRIF) set out to answer how the county could tackle its low-carbon energy requirements in line with the government emission targets.  Public-i handled the engagement aspect of the project, first finding online communities interested in the issues pertinent to the project before then reaching out to these groups.  Citizenscape provided a space to share ideas and find out about the project. Community- and project-created content was curated there to help signpost individual conversations about renewable energy throughout the county.

    Case study image for CRIF
  • ThinkPCC

    Created to gather the conversation around the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, ThinkPCC is an example of how Citizenscape can be used to curate community debates from relevant social media content.

    Case study image for ThinkPCC

What our clients say

Engaging with online communities – in an open, transparent way – was an essential part of the CRIF’s success; Citizenscape had a vital role in that. It helped us to show how the project was developing and how different audiences – from businesses to residents – were taking part in a conversation about the future of energy infrastructure in Cambridgeshire.  With Public-i’s expertise in managing and developing this community involvement, we were able to deliver our commitment to public engagement and develop a co-productive relationship with the public and our stakeholders.

Sheryl French, project lead for the Cambridgeshire Renewables Infrastruture Framework

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