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Networked Councillor

Vital skills for engaging with communities in the digital age

Connect with your residents

The Networked Councillor programme explores the practical, social and leadership skills that elected representatives need to be effective in digital networked communities.

Meeting a real need

With our partners, East of England LGA, we researched councils’ views on social media to develop Networked Councillor. This programme aims to give councillors a firm foundation on which to become truly networked, digital leaders.

Tailor-made solutions

The Networked Councillor programme is not just learning about new technology, it covers:

  • The Skills you need to manage yourself, manage conflict and lead others online
  • The value of Networks and how to connect into existing ones
  • The confidence and knowledge to create the right Content to connect with others online
  • How to use digital to Engage residents online in a way which saves time and makes you more effective as a councillor

Networked power

The programme provides:

  • Practical examples for shifting aspects of your work as an elected member to social media, connecting your existing skills into the digital environment
  • A supported environment to engage with digital communities and have a go
  • Learning and development of your practical skills for engaging with online communities


Why should councils support councillors with social media?

Councillors with support and coaching are more likely to use social media well and avoid mistakes

Why do elected representatives need help with digital?

Using Networked Councillor to grow councillor’s networks and communication is a powerful way councils can develop more engaged, informed civic relationships

Do councillors have the time to use social media?

Councillors learn how targeted use of social media can significantly aid productivity and help them to share their work with residents

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