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Website privacy policy

When you visit the Public-i website we use a tool, called website ‘cookies’ to help us find out limited information about how our website is being used.

These ‘cookies’ are small files that are sent to your browser and held there, usually for a limited time, to help us collect that information. UK law demands that we explain what cookies we use and offer you the option of rejecting them – in order for you to make informed choices about your online privacy. While we provide information on our website about the cookies we use, we assume that by reading this and continuing to accept cookies, you have provided consent.

By looking in your browser settings you’ll be able to find the cookies that we’re using – which is explained in the second section of this policy.

What cookies we use

Session cookie: This cookie’s technical name is “PHPSESSID”. We use this cookie to make sure we can distribute the use of our website evenly. When you visit the website, it assigns your browser to a particular server. The cookie expires after one day.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a service that provides Public-i with data that we use to monitor the performance of our website. It allows us to collect anonymised information on the users of our website that includes simple information about where users are, what where they arrived at our website from and how long they spent on the site and what pages they visited. Google Analytics uses a number of cookies. They are:


You can learn more about how Google analytics uses cookies – here.

How to disable cookies
All web browsers allow you to look at and set whether or not you accept cookies – and you’ll usually be able to find these options within the browser’s settings. Rather than provide instructions – which may change as browsers are updated – please consult your browser’s help section and look for privacy and ‘disabling cookies’.